Friday, October 23, 2015

Boo hoo, says Rand.

Boo hoo Trump. Boo hoo Hillary. Boo hoo socialism.

All valid concerns that I share, but I blame Rand Paul.

Rand could have been another champion of liberty. He could have continued his father's legacy, with a legion of excited volunteers at his disposal - with the fortune of being in a period of history where Liberty is proven right and true - after the grim warnings of his father have come to fruition.

But he didn't. He chose status instead of principle. Rand seeks the approval of those who only like him as long as he's useful. Rand is a good "sanitized" libertarian, the sort of libertarian the establishment likes. He may as well be in the Koch Party.

Yes, the income tax is bad. But it shouldn't be replaced. Not with a flat tax, not with a fair tax, not with a VAT tax - replace it with nothing, and don't apologize for it. If it bankrupts the cruel machinations of the State, so be it.

Rand could have been an alternative to Statism. He chose to be the apologist for the state. He could have stood out from his opponents, both in and out of the Republican party. Rand chose to blend in.

All of his hard work against the NSA was for nothing.  He chose to be the rust in the machine, instead of being the sledgehammer that takes it down.

I can't take you seriously Rand Paul, and unless you change course I'm not certain other advocates of liberty will either. This was a wasted opportunity for Liberty, and the Statism you allegedly fight against is only more likely for it.

I blame you.

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