Friday, October 2, 2015

Just a theory

Another day, another massacre in a gun free zone. I can beat this dead horse into glue, but it's not going to matter. It's been done by better writers than me, and little if anything has changed as a result.

I'm also not a fan of addressing symptoms and treating them as causes - it's a fatal error that allows the disease to continue. What compels someone to pick up a weapon and engage in wanton and murder where people can't fight back?

Violent films and video games? I have my doubts but I can't say it's not a factor. However, Japan boasts a strong participation in the industry as both producers and consumers, and they don't suffer through the same frequency of massacres as we do, committed with a firearm or another tool.

Private firearm ownership? NBC claims that one in three Americans privately own firearms, and a google search claims that there are 318 million people in the United States. It's likely fair to say that this isn't necessarily an accurate estimate, as not everyone is likely to fess up. For the sake of argument lets try our best to believe NBC is accurate. This would mean 106 million Americans are firearm owners - and 105,999,999 didn't turn a school into a shooting gallery.

Lax gun laws? Well, ask Chicago. Don't count on a straight answer that isn't draped in excuses.

Being a young straight white male? This likely was a popular narrative at some point at the MSM drawing board. Shucks, someone ruined that.

Mind altering drugs, of a legal variety? There's merit to this. Plenty of mass shooters over the past couple of decades have been prescribed a variety of pills that have destructive side effects of the violent sort. Seventy million Americans are on mind altering drugs. According to Huffington Post, one in four women uses a mind altering drug. So if we follow this theory to it's logical conclusion, why haven't any of these mass shooters been female?

Consider for a moment, that you're a young male. Aged anywhere from five to twenty-five. You're full of piss and vinegar, infinitely inquisitive and curious about the world around you. The world is a pie, and you want your piece. The only thing holding you back is a lack of curiosity, which you certainly don't have. The following is an accurate depiction of public education last I was imprisoned in the apparatus barely over a decade ago. I'm sure it's only worse today. It was infinitely hostile towards all things male. While I don't have any sympathy for murderers, I can see how the anti-male establishment that has seized control of a young male's development has nurtured the development of sociopaths.

Cool your jets, little Bobby. You will sit in your chair with your hands folded atop your desk. You will listen to a complete stranger drone on for hours on end about nothing at all. You will not rough house. You will not laugh. You will not question. You will agree with me. You will adhere to a pre-defined curriculum irrespective of your interest and talents. You will not tease. You will not be teased. You will play these games because we tell you they are fun.  Then, you will go home and do it all over again for roughly three hours. Then, we'll repeat the process again tomorrow.

Oh little Bobby, you've still got a hard time paying attention to a bitter old crone that has an infinite disdain for you. These are the pills you're going to take. Congrats little Bobby, now you are Bob the High School student. You're growing up into a model citizen! But, keep doing the things we've demanded of you since you were five.

Whoa Bob. A thug took a swing at you and you swung back? This isn't acceptable. You're supposed to curl into a ball and call for help, while we discuss what social inequalities would lead the thug to this behavior. You didn't come to the conclusion outlined in our curriculum after reading Of Mice and Men? And did you have the nerve to ask Kristy to the dance? That made her upset, you put her in the awkward position of potentially having to say no to something she didn't want. This is indicative of that evil white-male "Rape Culture".  We're going to have to talk to your parents.

How are those new pills, Bob? Good news, you're on your way to achieving a passing grade. We lowered the bar yet again, which has made everyone a model student. Have you been listening to the college recruiters that have paid very good money to come in? You're not interested in college? But if you don't go to college, you'll just be a burger flipper. You don't want to be a burger flipper, do you? Oh good, we'll write some recommendation letters for you. You should go to a public university. Two hundred grand plus interest is a small price to pay for a chance at a slightly above average income. You don't know what you want to be? You better decide very quick, enrollment deadlines are approaching. Oh, Psychology doctorate? Why not Art History? A lot of people are doing it, so it must be a growing industry. 

 Hi Bob, welcome to your first day at University of Mediocrity. Oh Bob, everything you've ever been taught is wrong. As a straight white male, you've had plenty of opportunity. What do you mean? Nobody held you back, you got trained educated. How can you disagree? How dare you disagree? Check your priveledge, Bob. Stop. Sit down, listen and agree. What do you mean I'm using non-facts? You're supposed to argue from a subjective view point, that's how we achieve the desired change.

What do you mean this University is a waste of time? You're halfway through it, don't you feel well informed and educated? Maybe you need to see a therapist if you're having some trouble.

How are the new pills, Bob? Bob? Put the gun down, this is a gun free zone!

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