Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tangled Webs

"There's always a good reason, and a real reason."

- (paraphrased) James Altucher

I never thought I'd ever write on foreign policy. There are better people out there that can cover it, and I'm nowhere near as sophisticated in the topic as such people as Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, or even Pat Buchanan. This blog is more to me than just a place to spout opinion, I'm out to shatter my comfort zone and take a risk at looking like a fool. Then again, Billy Kristol can look like a foreign-policy dunce while applauding himself, so I should be fine. What's compelled me in this instance is that I'm compelled to call out justifications that don't make sense.

I was surprised (not sure why) to read the news of a turning point in the latest chapter of "Middle East Adventures", in which, allegedly, Turkey shot down a  Russian fighter jet. Turkey justifies this by alleging that these Russian fighters violated their airspace. This justification was echoed by United States operatives who just happened to be listening (which I don't doubt).

At face value, this sounds very plausible and reasonable if you don't think too hard about it. Turkey has always been good at aiding the facilitation of "Middle East Adventures", always steadfast in their duty to aid the United States in transforming the region into a hellscape. So instrumental has Turkey been, that a US Congress vote on recognition of the Armenian Genocide was met with objection as to not offend Turkey's fragile sense of reality, a stance from both the Bush and Obama Administrations, particularly Clinton during her tenure in the State Department. I'm sure Turkey's grateful, for even on the 100 year anniversary Turkey would be firm in their decision to deny the term "genocide".

So, there we have the first thread in the tangled web, weaved by an unseen spider.

But wait a minute.  Is this the same Turkey that has an interest in participation, even if just on the periphery, with the new Eurasian Economic Union? Many are the cries against this alleged Neo-Soviet Union. A partnership with Turkey and this new EEU, Russia in particular, would be another point added to the list of "Ways that Putin has embarrassed the Obama Administration in the Middle East",  especially after Putin postponed World War III not long ago.

There's the second thread.

But wait another minute. Is this the same Turkey that, as alleged by an Armenian Radio Host and echoed by other Armenians, may have backed ISIS in the destruction of Armenian and Kurdish communities in Syria?  All the while, Armenia is a participating member in the new EEU.

I haven't heard Turkey object to the allegation, when they're otherwise quick to deny participating in atrocity. I could have missed it though. So, there's our third thread in the web. Still no Spider. But still, nothing adds up properly to the event in question. The background of involved parties doesn't lead me to believe that after ten minutes of warning, Turkey would be just fine with blowing Russian Fighters out of the sky - especially if it's been made abundantly clear that Russia is going after ISIS operatives in Syria.

 Come to find out, predators were lying in wait for the Russian Pilots. It's worth telling that one of the videos in question has been taken down by YouTube. I can't personally verify the contents of the video, as I wasn't up to seeing and stomaching what the video described.

It seems like too perfect of a set up that wouldn't happen without a Spider weaving a very tangled web, all to catch a bold, buzzing fly one would call Vladimir Putin. Buzzing flies need to be knocked down a peg. In light of the EEU and Putin joining in on "Adventures in the Middle East", this buzzing fly is getting a little too big to leave alone.

One has to only ask, who is known for turning one against the other, old friends are new enemies, new enemies are old friends, has a vested interest in controlling the political landscape of the Middle East, and has a close enough tie to Turkey to pull it's strings into playing along. Furthermore, who would be interested in dismantling Russia's economic, political and military efforts, and has even gone so far as to, at the very least, insinuate a desire? One doesn't even need to touch on the "Assad Factor" here, which would make this post even longer.

I can think of only one such spider. Spiders also tend to eat their mates when the mate is no longer useful.

And thus, the cycle continues.

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