Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time to shut it down.

It's been a little over fourteen years after the event that CHANGED EVERYTHING, which equates to a little over fourteen years of the creation (or possibly, acceleration) of a vast security apparatus. This apparatus collects data, seemingly, on all activity everywhere, foreign  and domestic, as confirmed by Edward Snowden.  If this weren't enough, this apparatus has since branched out into security ventures at home and abroad. All in the name of keeping everyone safe from terrorists, everywhere, at all times.

Participants include:

- Various alphabet soup government agencies. NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, FBI and likely many more.
- Tech companies. Google, AOL, Microsoft, and likely many more.
- Telecom companies. Verizon, Sprint, Charter, Time Warner, and likely many more.
- Social Media, such as Facebook (likely the largest voluntary database that ever was) and Twitter
- Boots on the ground throughout alleged hotbeds of terrorist activity, throwing fuel on the fire.
- Mainstream media, stalwart in their duty to remind us of the necessity, and to parrot the State's claims of how effective all of this is.

That sure is a lot of muscle being brought to the fight, let's call it the Juggernaut from here on out. Boy, I'm glad Juggernaut is on our side. Juggernaut's there to read our emails and text messages. Juggernaut is there to listen to our phone conversations, and to spy on our internet activity. Juggernaut is also there to liberate the sh!t out of us. All of this to, you know, keep us safe and free.

Here's a list of those terrorist attacks that Juggernaut let slip through the cracks so far this year. Granted, a lot of these invoke a very loose definition of the word Terrorism.

All of this to say, on the day of the event that CHANGED EVERYTHING, everyone was left scratching their heads. Despite having the intelligence from existing sources that an attack was imminent, and perhaps even some inclination as to how the attack could be carried out, somehow acting on the intelligence became a non issue. Maybe a memo fell behind someone's desk. I don't necessarily imply inside job, but I do insinuate, at least, incompetence.

So the answer? Warantless wiretaps, waiting in line for a cheap date at the airport, surveillance of all of your activity, endless warfare so we don't have to fight them over here (until we import them ourselves, creating job security for Juggernaut), spying on the State's friends and enemies alike.

Should you object, you're rhetorically asked if you want another 9/11. Or, if you've forgotten 9/11. As if they expect you to answer "Yes, I forgot all about the day that CHANGED EVERYTHING, it only dominated the airwaves, broadcasts, and bandwidth for four months after the fact. Thanks for reminding me, and spying on me to protect my freedom."

Then Paris happened, and changed nothing. Nobody is asking how effective the large paperweight in Utah actually is.

Nobody is asking what Juggernaut did to stop it. The suspects in question allegedly did all of this without encryption.  It was even made easy for Juggernaut, and Juggernaut still failed. To knock Juggernaut down another peg, it sounds like there was plenty of warning.

I think it's time to retire Juggernaut, unfortunately Juggernaut is only likely to get a pay-raise from all of this.


  1. BF

    I showed the picture of army police patrolling a neighborhood to a friend, the one bolded "liberate the sh!t out of you".
    Anyway she asked me where that was.
    It would take me a while to look through all of jimbovard just to find a needle in a haystack, would you be kind enough to provide the article of that picture or its shot location please.

  2. I found this particular picture for the content of the picture itself, I don't recall what article it's associated with.

    But the photo comes from the martial law scenario that rapidly unfolded right after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, this picture took place in a Boston area suburb.