Sunday, December 6, 2015

Don't give in to fear, he says.

Thug-in-chief plans to urge American's to not give in to fear. 

Sound advice, though I'd implore him to follow it - and to stop stoking the fire.

Don't create a climate of fear around private firearm ownership. 105,999,998 private firearm owners didn't engage in wanton mayhem on December 3rd. How many San Bernardino County gun owners were legislated out of carrying, concealed or open, on December 3rd? How do you justify making the event about privately held firearms? The individuals in question knew how to make and use bombs (allegedly), would gun control have made this situation any better, or worse?

Put an end to military adventures in the Middle East. This was a driving force behind your election, as millions believed you would put an end to it. Stop giving incentive for radicalization. The surviving children we bomb today will be the radicals of tomorrow. Stop using fear to justify international murder.

Stop expecting us to surrender liberty to be safe, the very definition of giving in to fear. Your vast intelligence networks have failed. The militarization of police has failed. The TSA fails as a matter of routine. It's fair for Americans to not trust the government to keep them safe given the track record, and to come to the conclusion that they need to arm themselves instead.

I can't imagine he's sincere in his plea, as his entire agenda relies on a terrified populace.

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