Monday, December 21, 2015

Liberty in a Year. Yes, it's possible.

But, only if one of us has the nerve to take that plunge. Maybe not this year, but maybe "Liberty in a Year", four years from now.

I don't lend my support to the apparatus that makes fodder of us all. However, if the past eight years have taught us anything, election season seems to be when people are listening most. Where would Libertarianism (or Libertarian positions, at least) be if not for Ron Paul taking the plunge? Speaking personally, I can't say with much certainty that I would have found my way to LRC without him. One can say, Ron Paul did in a year what the Libertarian Party tried doing for thirty years. If the current election cycle has taught us anything, it's very possible to be a front runner without the support of the Elites, the Media, or a massive donor base (barring "Behind the Curtain" shenanigans, which for all we know Trump is) .

You don't have to like Donald Trump to admit that his campaign is a success. Even if he loses, he's made the conversation interesting, and his strategy is brilliant. He has the finances to self fund his entire campaign, and he's willing to. This means he can take any stance he wants, without upsetting a donor base. For better or worse, he can afford to be unfiltered and honest. Donald Trump has disrupted the entire system that made elections what they were.

Trump has taken every weapon in the arsenal of the elite and has used it against them, leaving them completely unarmed. Two Party system? Piece of cake, that made it all the easier. A reactionary mainstream media? Perfect! All one has to do is forcefully refute the status quo and political correctness. Then, they get what amounts to a free commercial. Oh, you don't want to fund me now? That's fine, your pockets are deep but mine are deeper. But given all this free air time you're giving me, I don't think the money is very important anyway.

This strategy has been so effective, that Trump thought nothing of giving the Alex Jones Show considerable face time, and he hasn't had to apologize or justify it. Remember when the MSM trotted that one out for Dr. Paul, and it was treated like some dark secret being exposed?

Imagine a candidate with the wisdom of Ron Paul and the charismatic, unapologetic defiance of Donald Trump.  This candidate could get on stage and mock the Federal Reserve with complete immunity, thank Ed Snowden for informing the western population about how un-free they are, and tear apart the foreign policy that's been the driving force behind dangers to the west for over a decade.

Better yet, this candidate could do this by planting his feet firm and giving the critics another round of facts when the "Trial by Media" demands an apology or a clarification. Imagine George Stephanopolous' face upon learning that his salary could be worthless in a couple of years thanks to the systems and norms he steadfastly defends. Or, the blank stare of Anderson Cooper when this champion states quite clearly that nobody is under any moral obligation to welcome something that they find objectionable, and he should have that same right too.

This could be a libertarian, and said libertarian wouldn't even have to win - just change the conversation. Who could it end up being? Whoever has the nerves of steel and charisma to do it.

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