Monday, December 14, 2015

Ted Cruz, Star Wars, and Liberty

Wow, this took me by surprise. Cruz is a life long major Star Wars fan? That's awesome. But, if only he were a libertarian too. So everyone's clear before we continue, I don't have a dog in the fight for the next four years on the throne, I'm finding all of them to be dangerous to liberty. This is just a for-fun jab.

I've always been surprised that, despite it's status as a highly influential paragon of pop-culture, Star Wars fans typically aren't Libertarian in their approach. One may ask, "Why would they be?" As I've detailed elsewhere, one could argue that the Jedi of the original trilogy were the first cinematic depiction (on a mainstream scale that I can recall, at least) of the Libertarian NAP - one only has to look at the few scenes containing Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda in the original trilogy, the Mises and Rothbard of a galaxy far, far away. You could compare Luke Skywalker, or certainly Darth Vader, to Alan Greenspan or David Koch - Taught by some of the best minds in their time, certainly experienced enough to know better, but seduced by power and their own arrogance, inevitably looking to the dark side of the force for their strength.

(Okay, I know my Luke Skywalker theory is speculation at best, but the evidence of his fall is plain as day if you watch the trilogy.)

Sadly, the moral struggles contained in Star Wars may even be skewed by delusional real world Sith Lords, somehow, seeing benevolence in a militaristic empire that would think nothing of destroying an entire populated planet just to make a point to a righteously stubborn rebel princess.

All of this goes to say: Ted Cruz, I vainly implore you as a fellow Star Wars fan. Don't give in to Empire. Perhaps you watched with inspiration as the Rebel Alliance engaged in guerrilla warfare against Imperial Forces - but Star Wars has a stronger message, across both trilogies: It's important to do good, especially when evil is much easier.

Ted Cruz, I'm concerned for you. I want to be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, mainly because I don't think I'm charismatic enough to be Obi Wan. At the best of times, you walk a fine line between championing Liberty and championing Empire, typically leaning toward the latter. While you seem to stand for liberty on a variety of issues, I'm bothered that you view Empire as a solution just as often - particularly on issues relating to foreign policy and security. Your invocations of sanctions against Russia (There are loose Star Wars parallels to this, which ended up being the catalyst to creating the Galactic Empire), your desire to see more soldiers recruited to fight in an endless campaign in the Middle East (The Galactic Empire's MO throughout the Galaxy), and a militaristic solution to border security are but a few examples. Warfare, whether fought with weaponry or trade sanctions, is the greatest enabler of State Power, the eternal foe of liberty, and penultimate foe of peace. I'd ask you to ignore the Palpatine who's undoubtedly seen you as a successor to his power structure, as he's likely whispering darkness in your ears, or taunting you to do great evils.

If the recent polls are any indication, it's likely to come down to you and Trump. I'm concerned at the idea of a Trump or Cruz administration. We could get desperate enough to team up with Teddy Bears Ewoks to challenge the inconsistencies of their invocations of liberty.

I beg you Ted, complete your training before you dash off to the Emperor's throne room. Oh, again. Please don't make us team up with Ewoks. Those things are embarrassing.

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