Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just between us Millennials, Part 2 of Infinity

Fellow millennials, just stop. If I ever develop polyps, I will name them Oberlin and Mizzou. I'm getting embarrassed for all of us.

I don't understand the core of this gripe. 

Not long ago, arms were flailing over poor representation of minorities at Mizzou. A cafeteria brings in some culinary variety and endures a consumer breakdown over it. News Flash - Cafeteria food is well known to be prepared on the cheap. The worst you can actually call this is false advertising. Now you're aware, take your money elsewhere. Or, did you get this for free? Or, was this lumped into your outrageous tuition cost?

What exactly is the gripe? You weren't satisfied with a product that you elected to use, move on. Better yet, discriminate.

I have a theory: You're being conditioned to shut down the entirety of Civilization. The end goal is that you are reduced to being an invalid: comatose at best or a rabid animal at worst. Your critical thinking begins and ends with what a professor dictates as truth. When you don't get your way? Shut down the world. When you're view is questioned? Call in the muscle. You know, to have a conversation on race relations. I'm perplexed beyond belief that you guys can't see that this is the greatest form of control over you.

I don't think you guys have the mental or emotional capacity to even say what it is you want. You've been terrified out of using nouns and adjectives to describe goals and desires, unless you're talking about straight white males.

I'm seriously wondering if you guys are the reason our age group suffers high unemployment. If I were an employer, I'd be terrified to hire this generation. Some of us who aren't conditioned have to share a generational title with you, please consider us the next time you throw a tantrum.

I need to go headbutt a thumb tack.

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