Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We don't know

Wow, Juggernaut was right.

Be afraid at all times at all places, starting now

But had they been honest, they'd have completed the sentence.

Be afraid at all times at all places, because we don't know anything.

I've been watching/listening/reading the coverage of San Bernardino off and on (mostly on) for most of the day. The only consistency has been the fact that talking heads can recite "We don't know".

The FBI doesn't know. The DHS doesn't know. ICE doesn't know. The SBC Sherriff doesn't know. The MSM doesn't know. All of whom have been participating in this all day.

If I said "We don't know" for a whole day in a professional setting, I'd get canned pretty quick. Or at least laughed out of the office.

Two suspect corpses later, never mind that dead men tell no tales, they still don't know. Remember the good old days of media coverage of tragedies? They'd know the culprits life story before the corpses were cold. Here they are, staring at two suspect corpses, and still don't know anything.

Hoooo doggy, caught us a live one! Maybe now we'll know something. Nope. We don't know. His name is Sayed Farook, he's a county employee, he's a suspect, but we don't know.

Aha! You need a badge to get in. Maybe we can check the log-- nope, we don't know.

The suspect took a headshot! (I unfortunately saw the remains briefly on television, thanks CNN.) Was that him? We don't know.

A suspect fled the scene under heavy police gunfire. Was that one of them? We don't know.

But... we know there was a Christmas party. Maybe? Of the dead suspects, one male and one female. Remember when descriptions didn't describe 100% of the global population?

It'd be the stuff of a late night spoof if it weren't so tragic.

There's a lot of things all of this can mean, I'm leaning towards:

  1.  Juggernaut really doesn't know, and isn't anywhere near as effective, helpful, or necessary as it's defenders say it is.  
  2. Nobody's sure how to spin it, because the facts are inconvenient to a desired narrative.

 Meanwhile, powers that be have made the conversation safe. Just blame guns and NRA. Then maybe global warming.

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