Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Faith passed as Science

From the perspective of science, it's challenging to explain the wonderful feats accomplished by Jesus of Nazareth, outside of the invocation that the son of God didn't have the same limitations as the rest of us. When pressed further, Christians readily admit that they have nothing outside of faith to believe these things happened, or it's passed as a metaphor. At least, I can't recall seeing or hearing otherwise. Speaking personally, the overall message of Christ is more important to me than the details.

Which leads me to discuss a new variant of an old religion. So desperate are it's advocates that they would be nothing short of delighted to see the rest of us punished for our refusal to worship or refusing to alter our lifestyles to fit their faith. So forceful is the congregation of this faith, that they have no missionaries - no one to convince us that their faith is worth examining. Instead, they have Crusaders all the ready to force us by point of sword to join their fold.

No, I'm not speaking of ISIS or their Islamic dogmas. Nor do I speak of these Far-Right Christians that I'm told are lurking everywhere, ready to baptize me in a hail of gunfire. It is a Pagan faith revitalized, and it's faithful believe in Global Warming, Global Cooling, Global Climate Change Changing Weather Patterns, caused by you and I.

They masquerade as scientists, cooking data to prove themselves justified in their faith. If anything disproves this movement as science, this is it. When confronted on their false science, vague paeans to an entity called "Mother Earth" or "Mother Nature" are sung, demanding justice for wrongdoing done unto her person. Who is she?

Wikipedia has a lot of definitions for Mother Earth, all religious, spiritual, or mythological. Her followers encompass peoples of the ancient and classical world, including the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, and many more. Such a strong figure is Mother Earth, she even has a place in the newer occultist religions of Wicca and Thelema - both faiths designed by the man who allegedly coached Churchill on how to get the United States involved in World War II.

One has to ask, if the "Science is Clear", why do the Champions of said science have to fall back to pagan deities of the ancient world to justify their theory? If the Constitution, vainly cherry-picked for convenience at the best of times, is worth anything, we could ideally use the First Amendment to refute this nonsense once and for all.

Until they enforce their Global Religion agenda on us all.

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